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Las Vegas School of Floral Design
3275 Ali Baba Lane Suite #517
Las Vegas NV 89118




The Las Vegas School of Floral Design is centrally located in Las Vegas the new location is located in an active event studio, showcasing many props and design ideas. Therefore offering a true feeling of one off the environments you may wish to place yourself. The classroom area is approximately 500 square feet with more than sufficient class area for 5 students. Students will have the advantage of becoming familiar with many products in the floral industry and the retail trade. Many florists, hotels and event companies reach to our students for employment opportunities. Students will also receive the benefit of learning about the many different positions within the floral industry. Work tables are to the appropriate level that students can stand to the conventional standards required of floral designing. Convenient parking is accessible.

The school, the facility it occupies and the equipment it utilizes complies fully with all federal, state, and local ordinances and regulations, including those requirements as to fire safety, building safety and health.

Facility visits by appointment only

Facility visits by appointment only
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